• Raven Conspiracy

    Creative Director / Lead Artist

    Raven Conspiracy is a mobile platform runner I worked on with a few industry colleagues in our free time. It consists of a game designer, Unity programmer, sound designer, and myself as artist/animator tackling every form of artwork needed across the title. Available now on iOS and Android, we hope to show our abilities as a team to further develop future products.

    Both heroes and enemies have the appearance of bird characters to compliment each other and provide a story element.

    Some backgrounds contain elements that could be considered characters themselves to bring the world to life. I used an old paper texture over the game to give it more depth as you can see in the full background images.

    Gameplay Interface took several forms. At first it started as a simple play/pause button and spots for collected information, like coin amounts, as you play. At one point we decided to add a star system, that was later taken out, which artwork was created for. Finally it was decided on a coin challenge mechanic, which was easily adapted to the original UI module.

    I wanted the game to have a feeling of a world that's been lived in. In creating the menu interface I chose to use maps for player progression through each world. From drawings of city maps, star charts, blueprints, and trainroutes, each map helps tell a story about the world you are about to enter. Most elements are on paper, making it feel like you are working on a plan against your enemies.

    When trying to figure out how to incorporate tutorials for early levels in the game, I didn't want to just place popups or overlays over the game, which I felt might be more distracting than helpful. Instead I opted to include the tutorials in the world by designing statues that could be read when a screen-stop happened, alerting you to what needed to be done to continue progressing and how to play. The statues felt like a part of the world and add some extra visual story-elements to the game.