• Mecha-Mecha Panic!

    UI / Character Artist

    Mecha-Mecha Panic! was one of the first games I worked on creating UI. The game went through many changes and new mechanics were constantly being added.

    The main overall feel was a cold metallic world with holograms and tech. This allowed for hard edges and angles along with arbitrary shapes that accented frames.

    When designing elements that presented player levels I was given the change to attempt different ideas and implementations for how these would function.

    Adding new mechanics constantly meant changing existing ones. The gameplay UI went through several iterations which included lifebars, progress meters, power-ups, and power buttons.

    When tasked with creating icons for the game Mecha-Mecha Panic, I was given a certain number of powers and only a few days to design as many icons as possible.


    The result was 114 power icons for 27 different powers that could be shown to the art director and game designer to choose from.

    Enemies in the world also doubled as the player. The player turrets were designed based on enemies and contained similar parts that would have broken off of enemies and been reconstructed onto turrets to give them unique abilities. Turrets had two phases: regular and power version. Bosses also had special turrets with one phase.