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    I grew up in Florida hunting giant squids and dinosaurs. Over the years these ancient creatures started disappearing, leaving only visions and memories of those once great adventures.


    Having moved across the country and back, I have been able to build a collection of stories based on these adventures creating artwork of epic creatures, cute characters, and their mysterious descent into the darkness. While my characters may look cute and innocent, they usually have somewhat of a dark side to them.


    I have been working in the game industry for 17 years, but my passion is illustration, telling stories through my imagery and characters. My artwork has been compared to that of Maurice Sendak, Tim Burton, and Edward Gorey, which you can often see on display at Gallery 1988, in Los Angeles, during many of their gallery shows during the year.


    Up next is Ellie Not Forgotten, my first graphic novel. It has been in development for a few years now and is close to completion. The overall story deals with themes of depression, anxiety, and grief with hopes to help those that deal with these issues on a daily basis. To get an early look at how it is developing, please head over to my Patreon site where you can follow the journey for $1 a month: http://www.patreon.com/keithnoordzy You will get to see rough layout sketches, concept designs of characters, locations, etc. and are welcome to comment and share your thoughts on the process so far.


    Currently looking for representation and available for full-time, contract work and gallery showing opportunities.


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    Over the past 2 Decades I have shown my art in galleries across the country. In this time I have been part of many group shows, two or three-person shows, and two solo shows.

    • Gallery 1988 (LA, SF, Venice, NY)
    • Thinkspace (LA)
    • Creature Features (Burbank)
    • Project:Gallery (LA)
    • Black Market Gallery (LA)
    • Alpha Cult (Long Beach)
    • Oh No, Doom! (Chicago)
    • Versailles (Seattle)
    • Hero Complex Gallery (LA)
    • the Box (Costa Mesa)
    • Gallery Nucleus (LA)
    • Spoke Art (NYC)
    • MonkeyHouse Toys (LA)
    • WWA Gallery (LA)
    • A.Okay Gallery (Chicago)
    • Rocketworld (SF)
    • Lab 101 (SF)
    • Meltdown Comics (LA)

    Here are a bunch of completely useless facts about me:


    Xbox Gamerscore: 262,000+ (I have an urge to 100% things)

    States lived in: New Jersey, Florida, Texas, California, Washington, North Carolina

    Favorite music: Ash, Jawbreaker, Queen, Said the Whale, Frightened Rabbit, Agnes Obel, Team Me, Jeremy Messersmith, Sólstafir, local classical station

    Favorite Mario Kart game: Double Dash (Game Cube)

    Is Pluto a planet? Yes

    Favorite dinosaur? Brontosaurus (He lives!)

    Weird movie fact: Prefers the 3rd movie in many movie trilogies (Return of the Jedi, Back to the Future 3, Last Crusade)

    Favorite Books: Horns by Joe Hill, Sandman by Neil Gaiman, Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir, the Expanse series by James SA Corey

    Favorite TV Shows: Being Human (US), How I Met Your Mother, Parks & Recreation

    Favorite games: Dark Souls, Hellblade, Life is Strange, Mass Effect, Night in the Woods, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Tie Fighter

    Nicknames for Maximus J Cat: Max, Monster, Bud, Bug, Sir Purrs-A-Lot

    Nicknames for Eleanor C Cat: Ellie, El, Tiny

    Believes in ghosts? Yes, one of my apartments in Los Angeles was haunted

    Believes in aliens? Yes

    Place wants to visit most: Norway

    Weird and random fact: When I was younger, I used to sleep on-top of my sheets so I didn't have to make my bed.

    Who has better Kit-Kats, United States or Canada? Canada

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    Maximus J Cat

    Manager and part-time Monster

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    Maximus J Cat

    Asst Manager