• PawsUp!

    UX Consultant / Visual Designer

    The original app was lacking any real visual hierarchy and design aesthetic. I was allotted 6 hours time and started by gathering groups of information together: Pet information, Shelter information, and Donation information. The main issue was there was no clear “donate” button and the information was spread out.


    Determining what the client’s needs and limitations were, I created a button, progress bar, and a way for users to input the amount they wanted to donate. The goal here was to address the issues and create a visually pleasing app that would help make the process of donating easier on the user.

    Original app

    Once the wireframes were approved by stakeholders the final visual design was started. This was then used as a guide for engineers to follow in implementing the new design features.


    The biggest challenge was looking at so many pets with euthanasia dates and wanting to adopt all of them; knowing this is a start to helping many of them was the biggest reward.