• Letterboxd

    Re-Design Challenge

    The goal of this project was to take an app I already use and see if I could create a more intuitive and visually pleasing user interface.


    I started by doing user research with people I knew that used the Letterboxd app along with others that had not used the app, but were passionate about movies.

    Original App

    The main takeaway was that it was hard to locate and sort personal lists, the social media feed was distracting, and navigation in general was confusing. As for visual hierarchy, I felt the most important icon would have been the "add" button, but instead felt more like the current page was. Other interactivity felt lost in a flat content design.

    Based on this feedback I moved onto wireframes and a final visual design to address these concerns. Lists were easier to create and navigate, and the "add" button was the top visual hierarchical item on all pages. Social media feed was more clear what movie a user was talking about and friends and followers could comment, making it more interactive between users.

    In the end I feel I was able to design what I felt was a better, easier to navigate design. I still see room for improvement, even on my design, but the final product was more in line with a movie collection app that I would personally use as well as the users I gathered research from.