• Keith Noordzy grew up in Florida hunting giant squids and dinosaurs. Over the years these ancient creatures started disappearing, leaving only visions and memories of those once great adventures.


    He now lives in Seattle, enjoying the rain and re-telling his stories by creating artwork of epic creatures, cute characters, and their mysterious descent into the darkness.


    Keith’s artwork has been compared to that of Maurice Sendak, Tim Burton, and Edward Gorey. His characters may look cute and innocent, but they usually have somewhat of a dark side to them.


    Sometime in 2018 we will also see the release of the Raven and Orion, the mobile game him and three other close industry colleagues have been working on for a number of years.


    Available for full-time, contract work and gallery showing opportunities.

    • Gallery 1988 (LA, SF, Venice, NY)
    • Thinkspace (LA)
    • Creature Features (Burbank)
    • Project:Gallery (LA)
    • Black Market Gallery (LA)
    • Alpha Cult (Long Beach)
    • Oh No, Doom! (Chicago)
    • Versailles (Seattle)
    • Hero Complex Gallery (LA)
    • the Box (Costa Mesa)
    • Gallery Nucleus (LA)
    • Spoke Art (NYC)
    • MonkeyHouse Toys (LA)
    • WWA Gallery (LA)
    • A.Okay Gallery (Chicago)
    • Rocketworld (SF)
    • Lab 101 (SF)
    • Meltdown Comics (LA)